Lesson: When Overbought/Oversold Signals Continuation – Richard Adcock, Adcock Analysis

Last month we welcomed Richard Adcock to Round the Clock Trader for the first time to hear and learn his unique approach to analyzing the FX and stock markets using trending and momentum.  His talk drew excellent feedback and questions from the attendees who identified with Richard’s sentiments that when  traditional indicators are used in the wrong way by traders, they can actually risk false signals.

In this presentation, Richard focuses on the three most important factors of technical analysis; momentum, trending and sentiment.  Used correctly he highlights how subtle changes in each can signal changes in overbought or oversold conditions, or when the price is in what is called a ‘continuation’ phase.

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About Richard Adcock:

Richard Adcock MSTA has been involved in technical analysis since the late 1980’s. He specialises in Candlestick analysis, combining it with momentum and trending techniques to establish both long and short term strategies.

During his career, Richard has been voted Top Fixed Income Technical Strategist in the Technical Analyst magazine poll for 2009, 2011 & 2013, as well as runner up in 2010 and 2012. He was also short listed for the FX award during this time. The top spot in the best Fixed Income Technical Analyst section of the Extel Awards was also achieved during his time with UBS.

Richard started his career with Investment Research of Cambridge Ltd where he published a number of reports covering all markets, as well as managing client funds. He was approached by Credit Lyonnais to join their prop trading team as Technical Analyst, from which he joined the HSBC futures broking desk, taking both a strategy and sales role. UBS then asked him to join them in 2000, where he managed both the rates and FX technical teams. In early 2015, he joined Brevan Howard, where his technical reports were used by portfolio managers in their day to day trading. Richard also traded risk on his own views.

He is a member of the Society of Technical Analysts and has lectured for them on numerous occasions, including their annual diploma course on Candlestick Analysis.

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