Carol Harmer

Carol Harmer has been trading and coaching for over 35 years.  Starting out on the trading floors of various investment banks in the 1980’s, she went on to trade at LIFFE and then to coach technical analysis to top traders around the world.

Now living in Spain, Carol continues to be very active in the forex markets and manages a lively daily online trading room for her premium members.



Yes!  Please share my details with Carol Harmer.  I’d like to be contacted ASAP to arrange my free week trial on Carol’s Charmer Trading live trading room!

In understand I am under no obligation to buy and I will not be required to pay a deposit or use any credit card to begin the trial – simply be able to join her private Skype group.

Praise for Carol

'If you want to learn how to trade the markets, then you have arrived at the right source. Carol's methods, based on the Fibonacci levels are simple and straightforward. I have met a couple of sycophants in this trading business, who continue to praise the wrong people...whose ultimate aim is to get their own share of funds off you. 
The strategies Carol teaches work...Once you understand it, it becomes a part of your trading knowledge...The moment you grasp it, your understanding of how the market works becomes clearer.
Many of those who teach trading out there have never fully experienced first-hand what goes on, on a trading floor.
Carol worked for over 18 years on various trading floors, and has worked for 22 years as a self-employed trader, and counting. It is this knowledge that she brings into her teaching. 
Learn from an expert....receive the education you need to succeed in trading. Start today!' - Peter Andes
June 2018

'I can only offer my hard learned wisdom. Demo accounts are not real trading experience, take small positions until you are sure what you or you mentor are doing and do not think you can make a million by this time next week. My experience as a member of  Carol's group for a few weeks has been eye opening, this lady is not going to rip you off, the lady knows how to trade. I have a busy summer coming up otherwise I would Look to increase the funds in my account and take advantage of Carol's wisdom. Maybe I will get back, good luck to you all and my eternal thanks to Carol for restoring some of my lost faith.' Alan H
July 2018

‘There is no doubt that Carol knows a great deal about her subject.
She is keen to dispense that knowledge and take those traders under her wing a notch (or more) upwards.
Her learning style is to break through the complexities, to demystify trading and instil the basic rules. Under her watch you will avoid all the basic and nearly all of the hidden pitfalls.
Last but not least sharing a live online room with Carol is an interactive and fun experience’ Ken G
July 2018