Capturing Major Market Moves Using Price Action Trading – Ian Foster,

Every trader needs a Methodology to trade and what this methodology firstly must do is not only indicate support and resistance levels but also BUY and SELL signals. It also must enable you to know at what price your analysis/decision is WRONG!! 

Without these TWO basic functions of a METHODOLOGY you have no chance of trading success as a Financial Trader.

The “Price Action Methodology” that we at teaches more than covers these two basic functions. Having these two basic functions enables you to build a trading plan with risk controls and money management techniques, a must for long term trading success.

Trading price action from a technical analysis point of view is a professional way to trade any financial market. It is a leading methodology and not lagging unlike using indicators such as moving averages etc. Indicators do have their uses but should not be used as the leading way from which to take trading signals. It is also worth noting that all indicators use price in their makeup so therefore being able to analyse price action correctly gives the foundation of a sound methodology and one that has stood the test of time. It is also worth remembering that price action exists in all financial instruments and in all time frames and will always continue to do so.

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Ian Foster, CEO Beawinningtrader

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