7 Reasons to attend

  1. 5 Full days of live trading and investment education free to attend online

  2. 35 Webinar lessons covering stocks, forex and crypto trading

  3. Too many to list systems and strategies for you to try

  4. Live trading and market reviews from professional traders

  5. Question and Answer sessions – all live hosted, not recorded

  6. Thousand of pounds worth of prizes and free bonus gifts

  7. A fun way to interact and share experiences with thousands of other home traders


Round the Clock Trader is the longest running and biggest attended online trading event in the UK.  Over 25,000 individual traders have benefited from free tutorials and seminars from over 100 of the world’s greatest traders.

As a serious trader this event is a ‘must attend’ to stay up to speed with the latest developments in the markets and discover where the money making opportunities are!

Attending the Round the Clock Trader Online Summit will provide you with inspiration on how to trade for extra income now, how to protect your capital, and how to build a nest-egg for your retirement.


George Hallmey, Click EventsGeorge Hallmey, Click EventsClick Events ltd

Round the Clock Trader is a beacon of valuable education and information for home traders of any level.  The variety and experience of presenter makes it an unmissable event for me as a trader, and also a great channel for me to make new contacts and customers - a win win event!  Keep up the good work Simon.

Hello!  I'm Simon Campbell, the founder of Round the Clock Trader - please join me at the next free LIVE event to learn everything you need to know to trade stocks, forex and crypto - Simply click here to register free

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